This year tactileBOSCH take on Japan for the first time and are pleased to be producing work in Tokyo.  In Japan, nightlife is when you can shed your tatemae (建前, the social facade of public appearance), and embrace your honne (本音, your true feelings), to enter a state of lowered inhibitions and social connectivity. In Britain these spaces also offer a platform for easing inhibitions, providing opportunities for communal experience and participation.

This exhibition will explore night culture as social practice and as a meeting place where inhibitions and expectations are deconstructed, revealing a platform for free expression, experimentation, participation and play. They offer a unique platform for inclusion, connection and presence in a world of increasing hostility and disconnect.

What we are looking for

Artists are asked to submit work that responds to the context of nightlife, its social functions, social stratification and transnational influences by examining various communal and cultural rituals of the city at night and to see how these translate across cultures. We are looking for artists who work in the mediums of audio visual, sound works, performance art, Installation, photography and prints. Artists from all stages of their career can apply.

“The event relies on its attendees’ collective energy, offering up a totally immersive sensory experience through mass collaboration. It’s not an experience you can consume—it’s about what you contribute. I think parties provide a supportive, experimental, lucid platform to try new ideas out,” Shoulder adds, “I think they are healing.”
— Pink Bubbles, Justin Shoulder

Apply now

Please send us a description of the artwork, idea or design (200 words max),
6 images of artworks (1MB per image max, along with title, date, media, dimensions / duration etc), artist statement (200 words max.) and CV (1 page max)
Please email to: helene@tactilebosch.co.uk
Any queries, questions or guidance please contact: bethgreenhalgh@hotmail.co.uk

DEADLINE: Midnight 22nd March 2019 hearing back the week commencing 25th March 2019
Show in May 2019