This year tactileBOSCH take on Japan for the first time and are pleased to be producing work in Tokyo.  In Japan, nightlife is when you can shed your tatemae (建前, the social facade of public appearance), and embrace your honne (本音, your true feelings), to enter a state of lowered inhibitions and social connectivity. In Britain these spaces also offer a platform for easing inhibitions, providing opportunities for communal experience and participation.


18 May | 4pm TOKYO

tactileBOSH and IAFT explore night culture as a social practice, presenting an exhibition of audio visual, sound works, performance art, installation, photography and prints. The show exhibits in Tokyo on 18 May, and you can join us on instagram for live updates. Check it out


25 May | 6pm KYOTO

tactileBOSCH and ANTIBODIES present an exhibition, exploring night culture as a meeting place where inhibitions and expectations are deconstructed, revealing a platform for free expression. The show exhibits in Kyoto on 25 May, and you can join us on instagram for live updates. Take a look.

Join us in Japan, with live updates on the tactileBOSCH Instagram

“The event relies on its attendees’ collective energy, offering up a totally immersive sensory experience through mass collaboration. It’s not an experience you can consume—it’s about what you contribute. I think parties provide a supportive, experimental, lucid platform to try new ideas out,” Shoulder adds, “I think they are healing.”
— Pink Bubbles, Justin Shoulder