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tactileBOSCH, was founded in June 2000 by artists Kim Fielding and Simon Mitchell. Based in an atmospheric, rundown Victorian Laundry building, tactileBOSCH quickly established itself as an exciting hub of freethinking artistic expression and has since developed into one of the key players in Wales’ arts scene. tactileBOSCH is an itinerant artist led collective championing experimentation and specialising in performance art, multi-media, and site-specific installation. Through its exciting programme of exhibitions and events, tactileBOSCH seek out and adapt to new spaces and contexts, granting permission to artists to experiment with their work in a way entirely impossible in a traditional or gallery setting.

Providing experimental and alternative exhibition spaces and regularly coordinating innovative and groundbreaking shows, tactileBOSCH has provided the perfect arena for nurturing a progressive, far-reaching and edgy performance art and conceptual philosophy, and has continued to receive an incredible amount of interest from its inception across a wide range of audiences. Take a look at some of our most recent shows and events here.