tactileBOSCH presents UnderTheCounterCulture (UTCC) an immersive, site responsive, multimedia programme celebrating the interconnection between art and night culture.

UTCC takes place across multiple Cardiff venues throughout November 2019. Presenting exhibitions, events, performances, screenings and participatory workshops.

opening Night

FREE ENTRANCE - 1st of November- 7pm to Midnight

The Old Vicarage, 37-39 Cathedral Road, Cardiff, CF11 9FX

The launch event will kick off with a unique opening of immersive installation, cabaret, sound art, sculptural costume and visceral performance art presenting AJA, Viviana Druga, Starlings Planet, amongst many others…


Night culture has long been at the forefront of avant-garde arts practice, with club culture consistently inspiring creative activity and collective action. Inhibitions and expectations are deconstructed, revealing a platform for free expression, experimentation, participation and play.

We want to shine a light on the value of grass roots night spaces to our urban landscape. In a world of increasing hostility and disconnect these spaces offer a unique platforms for inclusion, connection and presence.


Taking places across 5 venues over 30 days the audience are invited to immerse themselves in nightlife experiences, individual and collective memories, dystopic night scapes, late night TV, subcultural communities and installations that characterise the electronic audio-visual sensations of clubbing.



Aja, Weeks&Whitford, Theresa Baumgartner, Viviana Druga, Liz West, Thoby Davies, Joseph Morgan Schofield, Temmah, Ruby Fox, Alun Streets, Flora Bradwell, Ladies of Rage, Penny Hallas, Teddy Hunter, Megan Broadmeadow, Jennifer Taylor, Hunt&Darton, Beth Greenhalgh, Nic Finch, Daren Kendell, Aya Kasai, Rhys Edwards, Hummadruz, Joseph Dethick, Morgan Tipping, Hunter from Fremonte, Jemma Roper, Madi, Jason&Becky, Shona Davies, Bob Gelsthorpe, Sonic Bodies, Starling Planets, Peter Redgrave, Victoria Sponge, Kate Knowles, Andrew Cooper, Lecu, Benjamin Ivy, Ethan Dodd, Richard Bowers, Zoe Gingell, Tyr Leach Martin, James Green, John Abell, Helene Roberts, Lone Taxidermist, Robert Khoo,The Sparklettes, UKAEA, Philip Arneil, Eric Marz, Tiff Oben, Kit Young, Vivean Ostrosky, Thais De Melo, Ralph Klewitz, Elzbieta Piekacz, Tina Willgren, Thania Acaron, Jon Klein, Heena Song, Jeroen Van der Stock, Eva Klaus, Rufus Mufasa, Amelia Unity, Yasmin Begum, Osian Janear, John Briggs, Mylo, Snowskull, Natasha Mitchell, Hannah Short, Sasha Reid, Alex McLean, Barrie J Davies, Dale Sinoia, Eric Martin Kamosi, Brink Dance Company

“We have some amazing artists exhibiting from all over the world, this is tactileBOSCH’s most exciting and ambitious programme to date and will present vibrant, inclusive and FREE multi-media events at various locations across Cardiff including vast disused buildings, shopping centres and snooker clubs. There will also be an open hub where we invite member of the public to share stories, photographs and memories of Cardiff night clubs and pubs”